Winners Earn Sponsorship

We are proud to announce Nutriforce Sports as a presenting sponsor for the 2104 Fittest Games.

Their mission is to continue to develop innovative new products designed to take our athlets to new levels of physical fitness and performance.  NF Sports is committed to helping athletes all over the world redefine the limits of physical fitness.

Winners Get Sponsored

In addition to being the presenting sponsor, Nutriforce Sports will offer a 6 month sponsorship package to the top male and female in the Pro division. A 4 month sponsorship package will be offered to each member of the winning team at the 2014 Fittest Games. Product packages have also been contributed to the podium prize packages for all divisions.

Winning competitors have the option to accept or decline this sponsorship offer. 

These contract offers are an addition to the $20,000 purse available to Pro’s, Teams and Masters. The top-10 pros will earn a share of purse money. Don’t miss registration.

Nutriforce Sports Sponsored Athletes

Stand on top of the pro or team podium and join these Nutriforce sponsored athletes.

Annie Thorisdottir, Spencer Hendel, Andrea AgerScott Panchik, Ron Ortiz, Natalie McLain, Rob Forte, Jennifer SmithView All 



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